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EstateX – Real Estate Investing Platform

EstateX Landin Page Design

EstateX is an online platform developed by 2bit Digital Agency intended to make real estate investing simple, affordable and accessible for anyone. Investment opportunities on the EstateX platform are open to any individual or corporate investor, no matter their level of experience or budget size. The EstateX investment model offers a unique property-backed token system that allows investors to begin building their portfolio with as little as €100.

The $ESX Token is the core of EstateX’s economy. This innovative utility token has a range of uses, including the ability to purchase fractionalized real estate investment opportunities and access exclusive deals that are unavailable elsewhere. All investments made through the platform can be liquidated with ease, giving investors the peace of mind that their funds are as secure as possible.

EstateX has been designed to provide an easy-to-use, modern experience for real estate investors. The attractive, technology-backed interface makes navigating the platform simple and efficient, while providing a secure environment to ensure your investments are protected. EstateX is changing the way people invest in real estate, making it easier than ever to create a prosperous and secure future.

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